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The Tamer of Time and Death

“The Great Tamer" is about a man and his destiny in the world, his place in life and in weightless space, about his constant conflict with the environment. This unique performance is about a human who wants to tame time, death, and everything around him. It's impossible, isn’t it? Dimitri Papaioannou's scenic heroes can do it all.


Meeting God(s)

Because hope defeats death!..

“The Great Tamer" is complemented by the “cuts” of the masterpieces of world culture and the beauty and harmony of Greek classical sculptures, such as Titans’ fight  and the gigantomachy; il Andrea Mantegna’s “Cristo morto”, Rembrandt's "Anatomical Theater" and Lucas Cranach 's "Venus" or Eve from "Adam and Eve," a young prince from the palace of Knossos or a goddess from the composition of the sacred procession of the same palace; antique gods,  semi-gods,

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258 years old Telavi Theatre

The Telavi Theater with its legacy, dramatic past and rich history is the most ancient theater centers in the Caucasus Region.
Among the permanent professional theaters in the Caucasus Region and of course in Georgia, it is the oldest one that dates back the second half of the XVIII century, based on references in ancient sources.


Rustaveli National Theatre

The History of Rustaveli theatre  is the logical development of evolutionary path professional Georgian theatre has taken throughout its existence. Retrospectively speaking, Georgian theatre has always shared the dramatic fate of this country.